St. Joseph’s Hospital

Project St. Joseph’s Hospital
Project City London, Ontario
Industry Healthcare
Square Footage 100,000 sq.ft.
Architect Tillmann Ruth Mocellin Architects
Color DM1102 - Yellow White
DM1107 - Mouse Grey
Custom Champagne

St. Joseph’s Hospital

The paradigm of working on a project that involved an existing building that was over 100 years old incorporated with an entirely new building was what the architectural firm of Tillman Ruth Robinson had to solve. The retrofitting of the existing building included consideration for a more energy efficient building with new windows and a recladding of the entire building envelope. Alcotex was the product selected for both the recladding of the existing building and the new addition. Over 145,000 SF of Ascot White, Mouse Grey and custom Champagne has been incorporated into both phases.

Tillman Ruth Robinson has also incorporated Alcotex into a number of other prominent projects in the St. Joseph’s Health network including the Mental Healthcare Building Institute at the Parkwood Institute as well as the Southwest Centre for Forensic Mental Health Care. Both of these projects used a combined total of 67,000 SF of custom Stone Grey material in their design.

Selected Finishes

Yellow White DM 1102
Mouse Grey DM 1107